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Feng the Accursed is cursed and abused

22. October 2012 - written by Roblina at 23:32



This took us a couple of nights as it's not really our kind of fight (stand still and nuke till over) but overall a rewarding fun fight. Good job to everyone and watch out for the movie! ...Rainha.

Peace from the big chinese upstairs;


Cataclasmic Down! wooooo!

12. April 2012 - written by Roblina at 21:03

Madness of the Deathwang


Very late reporting this as I've been back home to Jamaica, but the last boss of this expansion is down; Heroic Madness of Deathwing! This was a relatively fun fight, but feels pretty easy in comparison to spine and is waay too long. And that rounds up an end to Cataclysm raiding content. I feel it's all gone well, progress has been good and i'd like to thank everyone for perservering through this expansion. We are currently recruiting most classes at a low level in anticipation for summer and people just wanting to relax now that everything is dead. If you would like to join our ranks for both the light raiding now, and the new MOP then please apply on either the [url=http://www.anointed.org.uk/forum][u]forum[/u][/url] or the site.

Good work all, peace out and see you on the flipside,


Snapped the spined of the Deathwing!

6. March 2012 - written by Roblina at 21:28

Spine of the Deathwang


So after a couple of weeks of attempts, Heroic Spine is down! In my opinion once you get past the initial starting phase, this was a really fun fight. Big thumbs up to everyone attending these raids, and especially to the few new people on the kill who generally fitted in well. Just one boss to go! So long suckers, -Robtrina.

We're on a boat

20. February 2012 - written by Roblina at 22:29


For some reason it's taken a few weeks, but finally Hc Warmaster Blackhorn is kapowww! Turned out to be really frustrating with soaking barrages, eating charges, Joefernando falling off the ship, you name it we had it. Great raid today however with a two-shot. Lets pew and have some fun onn Deathwing's Spine.

Peace out,


Ultraxion the purple dragon sent to dragon hell!

30. January 2012 - written by Roblina at 02:01
[center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/ultraxion.jpg[/img][/center] Ok so this was the typical Patchwork style gearcheck and it turned out to be pretty fun, but a little tedious. After many many 0.5 to 3% wipes, this biatch hit the dust. In other news, now that me and Mugger are friends, i'm going to go live in africa so cya on the flipside honeys. - Robwinkle.

Warlord Zonozz kaPOWW

13. January 2012 - written by Roblina at 02:43
[center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/zonozz1.jpg[/img][/center] After a 1% beserk wipe [b]I SWEAR I THOUGHT EMP RUNE WEAP WAS ON COOLDOWNZZZ[/b] we owned this Warlord Zon'ozz dude on heroic. Actually a really fun fight tbh, just wish we went there earlier. One would presume this Ultraxion fellow is next. Keep up the good d0d0'ing, -Robwinkle. PS. That mitey Joefernandes sure knows how to ride a tenticle.

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping put to sleep! L O L

9. January 2012 - written by Roblina at 00:13
[center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/Yorsahj.jpg[/img][/center] This was a pretty fun fight imo. Yor'sahj would summon blobs of goo to try and stop us, he'd do lots of damaging aoe and dots to scare us off, but we called apon the mitey powers of Robwinkle and never gave up, to manage the impossible, we put Yor'sahj the Unsleeping to sleep. Good job all. Now it's time to finish off the progress we already have on Zon'ozz hc. Your loving friend, -Robwinkle Jnr.

Lots of dead d0d0's

14. December 2011 - written by Roblina at 03:36
Ok due to my usual lazyness in updating this front page, a few things to report: [center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/hagara.jpg[/img][/center] Most recent kill is Hagara the Stormbinder heroic, she was actually pretty fun mostly I thought, especially as it was a good place to flex my dk muscles, - and that's all that really matters. Goodjob all, grats on loot winners. [center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/morchok.jpg[/img][/center] First heroic kill of 4.3: Morchok the splitsinhalfloserface. We upped our healer count a touch and once we did this, it was pretty easy. Melee grp and their amazing tank ftw. [center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/dw.jpg[/img][/center] Ok and this is the killshot for the last boss in Dragonsoul; Madness of Deathwing. It was a pretty fun fight but to be honest, no where near what an end of expansion boss should be. This is no Lichking, no Illidan (Kil'jaedon w/e), hell a 10year old (me) could come up with a more epic fight than killing "arm tentacles". Really, wtf is that atleast call them legs. Goodjob none the less, a good start to Dragonsoul and lets keep it up! Peaceout from your lovingly handsome dwarf companion (looking for love); -Robwinkle.

Baleroc the gatekeeper next!

14. September 2011 - written by Roblina at 18:30
[center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/alysrazor.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/majordomo.jpg[/img][/center] A few new boss kills to report back on. Firstly, the giant spider Beth'tilac was slain a couple of weeks ago, she was fairly hard but annoyingly, much of that difficulty seems to come from needing quite specific setups, which I am not a fan of. Next, Majordomo heroic was downed, without a doubt an easy fight, but provided a decent couple of nights entertainment and is fairly interesting in it's mechanics. And Finally, two days ago it was heroic Alysrazor's turn, this fight was fun but as is often the case, having next to no screwups due to numerous mechnics, for such a long fight, proved pretty troublesome. Good job all, and onwards to Baleroc Heroic! -Robawong.

Lord Rhyolith's armor unzipped and the insides abused!

14. August 2011 - written by Roblina at 14:11
[center][img]http://www.anointed.org.uk/images/lordrhyolith.jpg[/img][/center] Ok so it took quite a while, and the boss was quite frustrating for many, but finally good job and he's down. Using one less healer and one more dps in the end certainly helped us out. Next up, spider thingie, I think. -Robadon.

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